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Emergency Bail Application

If you or someone you know has been detained due to a breach of UK immigration laws, Optimus Law can help. Our team will take a hands-on approach to provide the proper legal advice, ensuring you or your loved one’s situation is cared for quickly and efficiently.

It is not advisable to leave any bail-related matters unresolved, as this may prolong the problem and produce new challenges, including but not limited to further detention or being barred from entry into the country. Let our team of immigration experts represent and assist you through the process.


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Overall rating is 9.8 out of 10.0 based on 300+ reviews from more than 351 clients

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Our team of immigration lawyers can arrange for bail and provide a professional legal service, put you at ease knowing our team is fighting for you and your case.

We will prioritize your case within our team, make an immediate visit to the prison or removal/detention centre, and make an effort to proceed with your bail hearing to ensure you are able to return home.

Reach out to our team to discover how Optimus Law can provide urgent help in addressing your bail related matter.


What is bail?

Bail is a legal procedure that simply means you have the option to be released from detention based on simple conditions set forth by the Home Office. The judge hearing your case will decide whether or not to grant bail. It is highly recommended to not proceed with bail hearings unless advised by an experienced immigration lawyer.

What are the conditions that would provide the opportunity to make bail?

If you have a place to stay and a financial supporter listed on your application form, you are more likely to make bail. We will work with you to arrange for your release and ensure you have what you need to proceed with the legal matters ahead.

Why might someone not be released on bail?

While we will do everything possible to help release you on bail, there are some limited conditions that may not allow it. If you have broken bail conditions in the past, or have a criminal record, this may lead to a denial. If you are denied bail you will receive a written statement explaining why.

Who can be detained?

Anyone subject to immigration control has the potential to be detained. If you are found to be entering the UK illegally, are working without a proper UK visa, or have an expired visa, you may be detained.

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