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  • Applying to stay in the UK as a spouse or Partner?
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  • Do you need a UK Visa specialist to help you with an Immigration problem?
  • Our Lawyers at Optimus Law will start with a free no-obligation visa assessment, and assist you throughout the whole process. This will include preparing and reviewing your documents, communicating with the Home Office on your behalf and representation at Court if necessary.

Do you need a UK Visa specialist to help you with an Immigration problem?


Applying for a UK visa can be a complex, time consuming and stressful process. It is important that you seek the assistance and advice of  UK immigration specialists. At Optimus Law, we will assist you through the entire process of applying for a UK visa starting with a free no obligation visa assessment.

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Frequently Asked Question

What type of UK Visa do I need?

It largely depends on your situation and contributing factors as to which UK visa you will need to apply for. This includes your country of origin and your reason for coming to the UK. If you are unsure which visa you will need to apply for, you can contact us for a free visa assessment.

Can I join someone I am in a relationship with who lives in the UK?

To join a partner and settle in the UK there are many different visa that you can apply for. It depends on your personal circumstances and many surrounding factors as to whether you are eligible or not. This includes relationship status, your partner’s settlement status within the UK (are they a UK Citizen, EU National or on a UK visa themselves?). We highly suggest you talk to an immigration specialist first, who can assess your circumstances and advise the best possible option for you.

Can I apply to stay in the UK to work?

Whether you are an EU national or from outside the EU, most people can apply to come to the UK to work, although it does depend on your particular circumstances as to which category of UK visa you will have to applyfor – for example Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 5 Visa. You can contact one of our UK Visa specialists to discuss and determine which category is most suitable to your individual circumstances.

If I have previously overstayed in the UK, is my application going to be affected?

If you have overstayed a UK visa in the past, your new application will be affected. The particular extent of this effect depends on the circumstances surrounding your overstay. It is extremely unadvised to withhold the truth in your application, and it is becoming increasingly easier for the authorities to detect if you have lied on your application using a variety of methods including checking passport information from your previous entry to the country. If you are concerned that you have overstayed a visa in the past, we strongly advise you contact one of our experienced specialists for further information and guidance.