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UK Unmarried De facto Partner Visa

Also known as, the UK De facto Visa, the unmarried partner visa allows you to join your partner in the UK provided your partner is a British citizen, or a person holding a permanent resident. You have to show proof that you have been living together for two years. The de-facto visa allows couple and same-sex couples to stay in the UK on the basis of their rela-tionship. The rights and benefits are exactly similar to those who are married or living in a civil partnership.

If your application for an Unmarried Partner Visa outside the UK is successful, you will be granted an initial leave of 33 months. If a successful application is made inside the UK, a leave of 30 months is granted. You can extend this visa for two and a half years. After a 5-year stay in the UK, you can apply for permanent residence.


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Initial Requirements

  • The unmarried partner must be a British citizen in the UK or has a permanent resident in the UK
  • Must be present and settled in the UK
  • Applicant and sponsor must be at least 18 years old
  • Applicant and sponsor must have met each other and wants to marry one another with the intention to live together in the UK
  • Applicant and Sponsor must be genuine and hold a subsisting relationship
  • Must have suitable accommodation available for you in the UK

Financial Requirements Exemptions

The Sponsor applicant must meet and provide:

  • Gross annual income of £18,600.
  • £3,800 for a first child (who is not British, settled or an EEA national)
  • Specified savings of £16,000 or more
  • Pension income of both the partner and applicant
  • Any other specified income of the partner and applicant

However, it is important to realise that the requirements are constantly changing and so we will help make sure that you meet all the requirements at the time that you make the application.

Financial Requirements Exemptions

The applicant will be exempt from financial requirements of £18,600 or above if the applicant’s partner is receiving the following

  • Disability living allowance
  • Severe disability allowance
  • Carer’s allowance Financial Requirements Exemptions
  • Attendance allowance
  • Industrial injury disablement benefit
  • Bereavement benefits

How we can help

We here at Optimus Law are able to provide help you need at any stage of your fiancé visa application. We have a highly experienced immigration specialist lawyers who will ensure you receive an excellent personalised legal service because we recognise that every case is different. We also recognise the similarities of many cases which helps us quickly overcome obstacles that may arise with your application.

The requirements for Unmarried Partner Visa may look simple and easy but knowing that you meet them is not the case. 75% the decision are based on the papers you summit without you ever being interviewed which means that your needs to be perfect.

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