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immigration advice package

Optimus Law is a specialist firm of experienced lawyers immigration Law solicitors.

We offer advice and provide assistance in

  • UK domestic legislation
  • European law for visas to the UK
  • We help to make your stay longer while you are living in the UK.

Our team of experienced lawyers can help you through the Immigration Law journey by advising you of the best options available to you, helping you with the application process and representing you at the Immigration Law Tribunal.

If you are planning to work, visit or study in the UK.

we can help you to select the right route of entry which is relevant to your specific issues, and ensure that you meet the relevant visa requirements.

Immigration Law solicitors manage the whole application process and provide an illustration of the home office on your behalf, to get rid of stress and risk of application errors or delays.

We perceive that the result of the application means a great deal to you and are aware there’s a lot at stake for you.

UKVI application processes are complex and daunting. You want to avoid the chance of an application being delayed or worse, rejected – probably losing your application fee and compounding an already stressful experience.
Our team of immigration Law solicitors contained experienced individuals with an unparalleled experience of 30 years.

Our groups of immigration solicitors are on hand to give you and your loved one’s peace of mind throughout the application process.

Whether you’re an EEA national looking to safeguard your right to remain in the UK post-Brexit, or a non-EEA citizen desirous to invest in the UK, whether you have dependents or will be travelling alone – no matter what is your reason to enter or settle within the UK – we have experience in all types of UKVI applications.

  • One off advice
  • Same day service/ Premium Service Applications
  • Spouse, fiancé and partner applications to enter the UK and extend for settlement;
  • Visit Visa applications – multiple entry, marriage visit and business visit
  • Long Residence Application
  • European Application – Family Permit, Residence Card and Permanent Residence
  • Family Reunion Applications
  • Asylum – Initial applications, appeal and fresh claims
  • Human Rights Applications – Private and family life in the UK
  • Deportation/Bail
  • Administrative Review Application
  • Appeals